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Brock Lesnar’s Manager Says Return to UFC is a Possibility

(Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

Saying the name Brock Lesnar sends the MMA community in to a whirlwind of rumors and emotions. The monstrous former heavyweight champion went 5-3 in his professional career and even nabbed the heavyweight title for his efforts.

Unfortunately, his career was cut short after battling diverticulitis which affected Lesnar both physically and emotionally.

After he left fighting, Lesnar returned to professional wrestling where he made a name for himself.


A return to fighting seemed relatively bleak but as his former  jiu-jtsu coach told MMAFighting.com, but a return is possible. “The possibility exists,” Rodrigo Medeiros said.

Medeiros touched on the toll that Lesnar took psychologically as he dropped his final two fights in the UFC while trying to recover from his disease.

“I think that Brock’s biggest issue was psychological,” he said. “He had a terrible disease and was devastated. He almost died, so you stop and think about it and what you want for your life.

Lesnar’s training was affected as well. He was trying to maintain a championship level of competition but as he swam upstream against diverticulitis while trying to prepare to defend his title, he just couldn’t put it all together.

“We found out when we were training to fight (Shane) Carwin,” he said. “He trained two days, and then couldn’t do anything for a whole day. He trained three days, and then needed two days to recover. We were worried about it. One day, I got there to teach him and he said he couldn’t fight, that it doesn’t made sense for him to get here if he wasn’t 100 percent.”

“He went to the doctor to find out what he had, and one day he had a crisis, and they found out he had diverticulitis. He didn’t have surgery because it was too complicated, he would need to cut 12 inches of his colon. They tried to avoid it, but had to do it after the Velasquez fight.”


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