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Floyd Mayweather Jr Keeps Potential Opponents Waiting while Touring South Africa

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It’s safe to say that there are more than a handful of fighters chomping at the bit for a chance at welterweight boxing champion Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr (45-0), and Mayweather is perfectly comfortable just dangling that carrot for as long as he wants.


One of the hungriest fighters in line is Britain’s Amir Khan (28-3). The date of Mayweather’s next fight has already been decided, but the opponent who will be joining him for his first bout of the year on May 3 is still awaiting confirmation. Khan is rumored to be the one.

Amir Khan could be the next contender
Amir Khan could be the next contender

Mayweather is currently concluding a tour of South America organized by the sports ministry to help revitalize the industry. On Wednesday of last week in Johannesburg, he confirmed that Khan was a serious potential along with Argentinian Marcos Maidana. He also stated the opponent would likely be revealed this week.

Maidana is a less likely option given that he could potentially be fighting in late April in a rematch with Adrien Broner. Maidana got the best of Bonner in early December, but Bonner has chosen to exercise his rematch clause. This will likely push his potential match-up with Mayweather to the early fall.

That leaves the Brit likely to take on the champ. Rumors of the match up with Khan have been on the table for some time, which could be the reason Khan has been hesitant to take any fights recently. He opted out of last month’s potential bout with Devon Alexander in a challenge for the IBF Welterweight Title. Khan has stated to media outlets, that he has already signed the contract for the fight with Mayweather, but the champ isn’t echoing the confirmation.

British media outlet the Daily Mail UK estimated that the matchup could generate as much as $200 million. This will be the third bout on Mayweather’s six-bout contract with Showtime. Several days ago, he stated that his last fight would be in September 2015, and after that the 37 year old will call it quits.

Mayweather also answered questions from the South African media regarding a potential matchup with Manny Pacquia, which is a never ending conversation. The champ stuck to his previous assertion that he would not deal with Pacquiao’s manager, Bob Arum.