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EA Sports Reveals Chan Sung Jung, Forrest Griffin in New UFC Game

(Photo Courtesy via EASports.com/UFC

Continuing with their blatant teasing of fans of the upcoming EA UFC video game, EA Sports has revealed just two more characters from their game, due out this Spring.

This is ‘Part 2’ of their character reveal and the first fighter to be revealed in this section was Costa Philippou in the wake of his UFC Fight Night 35 bout this past Wednesday.

The newest two feature a featherweight fan favorite and a UFC hall-of-famer.

First up is ‘The Korean Zombie’ Chan Sung Jung. Jung is the first character revealed in this campaign who touts a different facial expression than the rest. Instead of a stoic representation of his face, Jung is apparently shouting as EA shows off the new Ignite engine with their Feel the Fight mode certainly switched on. Below the photo is Jung’s in-game profile stats.

(Photo Courtesy via EASports.com/UFC)
(Photo Courtesy via EASports.com/UFC)
  • Nickname: The Korean Zombie
  • Current Record: 13-4-0
  • From: Po-Hang, South Korea
  • Fights Out Of: Seoul, South Korea
  • Age: 26
  • Height: 5’7” (170 cm)
  • Weight: 145 lbs (65 kg)
  • Strengths: Punching Power, Granite Jaw, Aggressiveness

One of the most popular fighters hitting the canvas for the UFC in recent years, Chan Sung Jung also boasts one of the best nicknames in the game – and a has a style to match. Known for his unrelenting pressure, the “Zombie” never stops coming. Combine that with an incredible ability to absorb damage and it’s easy to see why Jung’s fights are often memorable wars. After winning Fight of the Year honors against Leonard Garcia in 2010, he became the first fighter in UFC history to submit someone with a Twister when he bested Garcia in their 2011 rematch.

The next fighter is the winner of The Ultimate Fighter Season 1 and an inductee in to the UFC Hall of Fame, Forrest Griffin. Griffin’s enduring grin has been captured quite well in his character’s likeness.

(Photo Courtesy via EASports.com/UFC
(Photo Courtesy via EASports.com/UFC

Here is Griffin’s in game profile stats:

  • Nickname: NA
  • Record: 19-7-0
  • From: Columbus, Ohio, USA
  • Fights Out Of: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  • Age: 34
  • Height: 6’3” (190 cm)
  • Weight: 205 lbs (93 kg)
  • Strengths: Well rounded, Good Grappling Skills, Heart

Looking back at his MMA career, it’s not hard to see why Forrest Griffin has been a longtime favorite of UFC fans around the world. A cast member on the inaugural season of The Ultimate Fighter, Griffin’s televised season-finale bout against Stephen Bonnar became an instant classic, and is widely credited with putting the UFC on the mainstream map in North America. Never short on heart, Griffin went on to become a veteran of the Octagon, capturing the Light Heavyweight champion in 2008.

Here is another photo of Griffin from a different angle.

(Photo Courtesy via EASports.com/UFC
(Photo Courtesy via EASports.com/UFC


As we have stated in other posts that regard EA Sports revealing characters, their is still no release date set for this game. It does look impressive for now and hopefully the gameplay can match the graphics which are being pushed to their limits by the power of the next generation consoles.


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