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Should Georges St-Pierre Return To Fight Chris Weidman?

Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Georges St-Pierre really has little to prove in MMA anymore.

 He’s defeated every top guy the UFC threw in front of him. Sure, he hasn’t finished anybody in recent years, but he has schooled several younger, supposedly better-conditioned athletes.
Should GSP return? That’s a question that only he can answer, but if he does return, he should consider what he has left to prove.
Not too long ago there was talk of a fight between Anderson Silva and GSP. Silva, at the time, was regarded as the best pound-4-pound mixed martial artist in the world. GSP was second.
It never happened. Neither fighter really pushed for the fight.
Now, it’s an entirely different world.
Silva was KO’d twice and will probably never be the same fighter again. GSP walked away after he defeated Johny Hendricks by decision.
Now, the UFC’s without its two top stars.
In other words, GSP is in the driver’s seat. If he returns, he should consider what he has to prove.
He could return to the UFC welterweight division and attempt to regain his title, but returning from a self-imposed exile won’t necessarily bring him the ultimate form of satisfaction.
If GSP returns, he should consider what he hasn’t already done. Can he beat Chris Weidman or whomever is the middleweight champion?
One thing that is different about great MMA champions vs. great boxing champions is that boxers typically win titles in multiple divisions.
MMA fighters have yet to rise from lightweight to middleweight champion, unlike several boxers.
GSP should return to fight the best in the division heavier than him. That might be the motivating factor he needs. One could argue that if GSP couldn’t even convincingly beat Hendricks, how could he jump 15 pounds and fight Weidman?
Only St-Pierre knows the answer to that; but such a big fight might be all the motivation a guy like him needs to come out of retirement.
The fight would also be great business for the UFC. St-Pierre’s big return would ignite an MMA frenzy. The UFC had a chance to create an MMA Superfight with GSP and Silva, but they couldn’t pull it off. It would have another shot at a mega dream fight if GSP would return and move up in weight.
It’s not so far fetched; The UFC should book the big matches while it can.
What do you think? Should GSP return to fight for the middleweight championship?