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Does Miesha Tate Deserve Another Title Shot If She Beats Liz Carmouche?


Could the third time be a charm for Miesha Tate?

 So far, Tate has come the closest to upsetting UFC powerhouse Ronda Rousey.
Tate was tapped out twice by the bantamweight champion, once in the first round and once in the third round.
Rousey has spent nearly 20 minutes of her life tangled with Tate. Tate knows Rousey better than any other fighter on the planet.
So after two losses, it would be easy to count Tate out as a viable challenger to Rousey’s belt.
Not so fast.
Tate will collide with another Rousey victim, Liz Carmouche at UFC on FOX 11 on April 19.
If Tate wins, should she get another title shot?
Tate seems to be getting better at surviving Rousey. She has great name value and she came out of UFC 168 a big star based on her performance and Rousey’s refusal to shake her hand after the fight.
One could also argue that Tate has already had two chances against Rousey and doesn’t deserve another one. If not Tate, who else is out there? Rousey will fight Sara McMann at UFC 170. Cat Zingano is waiting in the wings once she recovers from her knee injury.
The UFC doesn’t have a stacked bantamweight division. The most viable challenger out there is Cris Cyborg, and she’s 10 pounds heavier than Rousey.
If she defeats Tate, Carmouche could get another shot too, but odds are she won’t do as well as Tate would in a rematch.
All sports have great rivalries. No one is complaining that the San Francisco 49ers are playing the Seattle Seahawks for the third time this season. No one is upset that Tom Brady will challenge Peyton Manning again in an AFC championship.
It’s possible that Tate will have learned much from her two losses and will incorporate that into her training. She may have failed in her first two fights, but she could be a different kind of role model. She could give hope to the people out there who have failed once, twice, or even more, but don’t give up hope and fight on .
Tate, if she can get another title shot, might show that dreams can come true, even if they take longer than you expect.
Rousey vs. Tate could be one of those great rivalries in sports, and Tate could go down in history in a way Rousey couldn’t imagine.
What do you think? Should Tate get another title shot?