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Whitney Miller, Miss USA 2012, is Going for her Black Belt in BJJ


ONNIT sponsored Athlete and Miss USA 2012 winner, Whitney Miller, is going for her black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Though she’s always been active, many do not know that she was a professional lake surfer as well as a national beauty queen.

Now she’s makes her foray into combat sports more public with the release of this video.

While her family did not initially agree with her choice to be in combative sports, this independent and motivated athlete looked past the social stigma to eventually train with big names like Cub Swanson and Tessa Simpson.

In the video segment above, she also discusses the hardships of her quest to obtain a black belt, and mentions the downsides of pageantry relative to BJJ. While we’ve seen many female mixed martial artists show that their beauty can remain unspoiled by the rigors of training and competition it’s even more inspiring to see a woman who’s officially been crowned a beauty queen step beyond the stereotypes that comes with such a title to show they can exceed anyone’s expectations.

On a more personal level, in the video, Ms. Miller reveals how she is intrigued with BJJ’s requirement that one be “in the moment”.

You can follow her unique journey on “Miss2Jits” via Instagram.