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Why is Jumping Rope One of the Best Exercises for Fighters?

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You may not believe it, but jumping rope, as simple as it is, is one of the best exercises a fighter can do.

No matter which combat sport your into, whether it be boxing, kickboxing, or wrestling, it’s almost guaranteed that when you walk into their gyms they’ll have people jumping rope. You’ll hear the familiar sound of the rope scraping against the floor, the feet bouncing up and down, and the short quick breaths as they attempt to find a rhythm of breathing that correlates with their pace of hopping.

It’s no mystery why jumping rope is prevalent in almost all combat sports; it’s one of the most beneficial exercises you can do. If jumping rope isn’t already part of your training routine, here are three reasons why it should be:

1) Footwork

Photo via musicbyanthony.com
Photo via musicbyanthony.com

Improving footwork is the primary reason most athletes jump rope to begin with. Over time, it will make you lighter on your feet and give you more spring to your step. Many people think jogging will help their footwork. The effects of jogging on footwork are very limited. Most people don’t pay attention to their form while they jog, they just aimlessly put one foot in front of the other. Jumping rope forces you to be conscious of your foot movement, because you have to time your hops to the rhythm at which your spinning the rope. This activity will improve your foot awareness in ways jogging doesn’t.

2) Cardio

Photo via natesanders.com
Photo via natesanders.com

Running is great for cardio, but jumping rope will help you improve your endurance in a different way. While jogging increases your stamina by making you able to last longer, jumping rope will increase the duration at which you’re able to move quickly. It’s easy to be light on your feet in the first round, but can you maintain that springiness through the second and the third as well? You’re more likely to if you jump rope consistently.

3) Low Impact on Your Joints

Photo courtesy of corbisimages.com
Photo via corbisimages.com

Finally, it’s been proven that jumping rope inflicts less impact on your knees than running does. For those of our younger readers who think their knees are made of steel, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, they’re not. Your knees are made of bone, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons. These can be damaged and worn down through time, especially in combat sports. Jogging and running excessively also wears down your knees, so if you need to make weight or are just looking to get a good workout, it might not be a bad idea to replace some of your jogging by jumping some rope.