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Bellator Needs to Accept World Series of Fighting’s Challenge


There’s nothing like a good school yard call out. That’s exactly what World Series of Fighting did Monday morning when they tweeted a cross promotion challenge to Bellator MMA. While the move was ballsy, it would be in the best interest of Bellator to move forward with the proposal. Here are a few reasons why:

The Proposed WSOF Vs. Bellator Card (Via @WSOF Twitter Account)
The Proposed WSOF Vs. Bellator Card (Via @WSOF Twitter Account)

The Exposure

Since moving to Spike, Bellator has enjoyed the highest TV ratings in company history. It’s certainly good times at Bellator HQ but they shouldn’t be content with being the number two organization in the world. If they want to go over the top with their exposure they have to accept World Series of Fighting’s challenge. While the UFC has had a stranglehold over the top MMA promotion slot, Bellator has been not-so-quietly creeping up on the industry giant. Accepting this challenge would bring a whole new audience to Bellator. Most casual MMA fans stick to the UFC but the idea of two promotions going toe to toe would draw them in.  This challenge gives Bellator the ability to be a part of a must-see pay-per-view that can only add regular viewers to their Spike shows. They can’t pass it up.

Rampage Jackson



I know it’s taboo in some circles to bring up professional wrestling and mixed martial arts in the same sentence but Bellator could learn a lot from the WWE in this situation. Many wrestling fans will remember the 2001 “Invasion” storyline where WCW wrestlers “invaded” the WWE. In retrospect, the storyline was not very well received but had the potential to bring in huge monetary gain for the company but was only a moderate success. The WWE botched the storyline by not having many of the top WCW stars brought into the company but Bellator can do just the opposite. Tyrone Spong vs. Rampage Jackson is a headliner I’d pay top-dollar to see. Add in fights like Yushin Okami versus Bellator Middleweight Champion Alexander Schlemenko, Rousimar Palhares versus Bellator star Douglas Lima, and Anthony Johnson versus Bellator Light-Heavyweight Champion Atilla Veigh then you’d have a pay-per-vew I’d throw in 54.99 for. Heck, throw Michael Chandler and Eddie Alvarez in and I’d pay even more money.

Fight Master Bellator MMA

Competition Brings Quality

The potential is there for more eyes and more money but this challenge could bring out the killer in every Bellator MMA fighter. Should this pay-per-view happen, I can guarantee that every Bellator fighter will put on an impressive show. Win or lose fighters that go for the brutal win sell tickets and bring in higher ratings. Bellator’s fighters can gain that reputation through this proposed pay-per-view.



Fighters compete to be the best in the world and all promotions should do the same. Bellator needs to accept the challenge to show that they are the better promotion and won’t back down from any fight. It doesn’t matter if the fights take place in a World Series of Fighting cage or Bellator cage, all that matters is that the challenge is met. Declining World Series of Fighting’s proposal would only make Bellator seem scared. Take the challenge and show the world you believe your promotion is the best.

Only time will tell if Bellator does accept World Series of Fighting’s challenge. For the sake of the company and MMA fans worldwide let’s hope this deal gets done.