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SciFighting Exclusive Interview: Rebecca “The Professor” Heintzman

Photo via CFFC

Due to the recent rise in women’s MMA and the popularity of the co-ed season of TUF, Dana White made the announcement that he would like to open up a females 115 lbs division in the UFC. He also announced that there will be an all female cast of TUF this year.

There is a lot to gain in adding Strawweight division to the UFC’s roster. This is one of the most talent filled class of female fighters that not only offer fighting skills, but viewer popularity. This also shows by adding more divisions for females the sport is evolving allowing females to make more of a mark on MMA.

So what does this new weight class bring for professional females setting their sights on the UFC? We talked with Rebecca “The Professor” Heintzman, a new up and comer in New York.

If you have not heard of The Professor. yet give it time. She is 6-0 amateur and just won her professional debut. She is a great role model for females in the sport having a great work ethic in and out of the cage and remaining undefeated. She is currently working towards her PhD and T.A’s Ecology at Binghamton University. This makes her the definition of brains and brawn.

Scifighting: Does the addition of the 115lb division into the UFC, especially seeing fighters like Tecia Torres with a 4-0 records, make it more real to you and motivate you as a fighter?

Heintzman: Dana White has always shown interest in finding the fresh talent so it doesn’t surprise me that he would be interested in a new pro with a solid record like Tecia. It makes it more real because we were both amateurs at the same time and I turned pro not too long after her.

Scifighting: So is the UFC on your list of possibilities?

Heintzman: There are many young female MMA fighters that will be motivated by seeing someone like her in the UFC. I hope to work my way to that level. I think I need to prove myself as a pro before my name is among the list of potential ufc females.

Scifighting: Is it exciting to see the new weight class in the UFC… Does it motivate you?

Heintzman: It does. I had a hunch 115 would be the next division Dana White added because it is packed with talent. Also, it makes sense in that 105ers can fight up and 125ers can decide if 115 or 135 makes more sense weight wise.

The new division opens up a number of possibilities for females in the sport, and with such talent to choose from Dana White is definitely making the right decision by doing so. The steps the UFC is taking by adding more divisions shows that females are making their mark on the sport, and as MMA grows and evolves, that there is a place for females as well.