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Anderson Silva’s Managers Want a Superfight with Georges St-Pierre


Former middleweight champ Anderson Silva still has a long road to recovery after his devastating leg injury at UFC 168. Nevertheless, it seems his camp has big aspirations for his eventual return to the octagon.

Jorge Guimaraes and Ed Soares have been Silva’s mangers since his UFC debut in 2006.

According to the duo, Silva’s recovery is going smoothly, and that when he returns, they’d like to set up a fight between him and former welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre.
“Don’t you think that’s an option?” Guimaraes told MMAjunkie.

“Man, if we were able to pull something like that off, it would be a win-win for everybody, the fans, the UFC,” Soares added in a separate interview. “I think that would be awesome.”

A potential superfight was a hotly discussed topic when Silva and GSP were both dominating their respective divisions. Now that neither have a championship belt, the idea may have lost some of its luster. On the other hand, it may have just become a more realistic option.

If Silva and GSP want to return to the octagon, they’re going to need a big fight. What better way to shake off the rust, hype up the fans, and prove they’re still some of the UFC’s biggest PPV draws then to stage a (more-or-less) no consequences “superfight” against another former champ?

If Guimaraes and Soares are to be believed, the fight may be on the table sooner than we thought. Silva is reportedly about to start physical therapy, and can already move his toes. His operating surgeon previously stated that Silva would need six to nine months of recovery, but with such a rapid progression so far, he may find himself in the gym again even sooner.

“The way it looks now, (his recovery) looks great, and he’s only getting better every day,” Soares concluded.

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