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Diego Brandao Admits to Threatening to Stab Dustin Poirier

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Diego Brandao had a rocky start to the UFC 168 festivities on Friday, December 27th at the official weigh-ins. Brandao clocked in 8 pounds over weight for his featherweight bout against Dustin Poirier, then allegations arose that he threatened to stab Poirier after a heated staredown.

 “I was mad because he told me he was going to stab me in the neck before we walked on stage. That’s why I was so pissed off. They had to break us up in the back.” Poirier stated. 

Brandao blamed the weight problems on a car accident in which his vehicle was struck by a drunk driver. “I couldn’t run, I couldn’t cut weight to fight,” Brandao said. “I had injuries in my back and ribs, but I went there and fought. I don’t think I trained more than five times for this fight and I knocked him down twice in the first round.”

Brandao had not yet released a statement on the incident until he spoke with MMAFighting.com that he had indeed made the threat. “He was there, bouncing at the weigh-ins, staring at me. I told him backstage ‘if you ever do that again, I’ll stab you with a pen.’ That’s what happened.”

Brandao was TKO’d in his bout but claims that he will learn to change his tendencies and return a better fighter and show fans that he isn’t a bad guy. “I have a lot of things to change, including the way I speak, my personality,” he said. “People think I’m an ignorant man, but I’m a funny guy. But when I get inside that cage, I’m fighting for my family and my career. It’s hard to explain. I’m still learning, and I will be at the Top 10 one day.”

It would appear that Brandao simply let a bad moment get the best of him.

As for his confrontation with Poirier, a now level-headed Brandao said that he holds nothing against Poirier and gives him credit for the win. “I have nothing bad to say to Poirier. He did a good job, and that fight is in the past. I’m learning with the losses, and I only lost to tough opponents. I will rematch those guys one day and I’ll be the UFC champion.”


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