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Roy Jones Jr. to Anderson Silva: ‘Your force is what actually broke your own leg’


When Anderson Silva broke his leg at UFC 168 several potential fights went out the window, including a fantasy boxing match against Roy Jones Jr.

The former WBA Heavyweight champion was in attendance at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nev. last weekend when Silva suffered the freak injury against Chris Weidman. In speaking with Hustle Boss, Jones Jr. reflected on what he told Silva in the hospital.

“Never upset because you have to understand that God does all things for a reason. That would be something that would be under his control. Anderson was prepared the best he could. Weidman is just a stronger guy and was getting the advantage. It don’t mean Weidman was going to win, but it was looking like it was favorable to his side early. But Anderson was very focused and I’ve seen Anderson come back before. So, nothing was kind of out in the fight, it’s just that he was so focused. And like I told him, ‘Anytime you kick so hard and so fast that you break your leg on another guy’s shin, that’s pretty fast, pretty hard and focused.’ Your force is what actually broke your own leg, you understand me? You had to be pretty on point to be banging like that, you understand where I’m coming from? So, there’s a good side to everything. I went to his bedside yesterday and told him, ‘You got to understand, that’s beyond your control. Nobody on this planet would have said before that fight that Chris was going to check your kick and break your leg. Nobody on this planet would have said that.'”

The 44-year-old boxer last fought Dec. 21 in Moscow, Russia where he defeated Zine Eddine Benmakhlouf. Jones Jr. says the sole reason for taking the fight was to prepare for a showdown with Silva.

If a fight between the friends was unlikely to begin with, Silva’s injury makes it impossible. Doctors expects a six-to-nine month recovery window, in addition to time spent getting back into fighting shape. If Silva ever fights again, it will likely only be in an MMA ring.

In the meantime, Jones Jr. has expressed interest in boxing retired welterweight Nick Diaz. This, too, is unlikely since Diaz recently turned down a fight at UFC 171.