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Belt or No Belt, GSP ‘Looks’ Happy

GSP is still the people's champ in Canada!

Is everyone making a big fuss over nothing at all?  A story we published earlier (and reported by other media outlets) covered just one facet of GSP’s departure from the UFC.  (That of the UFC supposedly taking away his belt while he was showering after the fight with Hendricks.)

He apparently claims he didn’t get to keep that belt even though he has others from previous fights.  Does it really matter?  It doesn’t seem to be affecting him negatively.  More over even having renounced his title he is still, by many accounts, the People’s Champ in Canada.

Other’s who have seen his recent appearance on a French Canadian television show remarked how he looks the happiest many have seen him in quite some time.  And if anything, that is a really nice thought, especially after the years of entertainment he has brought to all of us in the MMA community.

You can catch the interview with GSP from the French Canadian production “Infoman” here. But if you can’t speak French, or don’t have any friends who can translate, we will cover just some of the highlights here.

GSP Playing Cards!  (Is it poker?  French Canadian Poker?  Who knows!)
GSP Playing Cards! (Is it poker? French Canadian Poker? Who knows!)

Here we see GSP at the start of the interview.  Surrounded by some elderly people and the reporter / TV personality, known as Infoman, conducting the interview.  As funny as the image may seem to some, it’s pretty cool to actually see him candidly outside of the octagon or a UFC press conference.


Joking Around...
Joking Around.

A little humor is tossed around to break the ice.  GSP seems genuinely entertained.  And the conversation shifts to his involvement with the film Captain America 2.  (Scarlett Johansson seems to be of particular interest to Infoman.  Who can blame him!)


GSP Is No One's Messenger
GSP Tears a Note in Half

Definitely one of the more comical moments in the interview.  The reporter had kindly asked if GSP could give that piece of paper with his phone number on it to Scarlett Johansson.  GSP playfully tears the note in half, apparently unwilling to share her with anyone else.  (Of course, we aren’t assuming he has her to begin with, but it’s the principle that matters.  Right?)


Infoman Gives GSP "his" Belt!
Infoman Gives GSP “his” Belt!

Even though GSP is unwilling to give Scarlett his number, Infoman kindly offers the belt off his own pants to GSP as a consolation for his loss of the UFC Welterweight title.  UFC or no UFC, GSP seems to be surrounded by fans who still look up to him and in all honesty that’s a pretty nice way to walk away from a fight.  We can only hope the same for some other champs who’ve lost their titles recently!

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