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K-1 World Max Quarter Final Results: Thailand and Canada Advance to the Next Round

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On December 28, K-1 Global staged the quarter finals of their World Max tournament in Foshan, China. This prestigious tournament has been known to host a wide range of international fighters who display a variety of stand-up martial arts ranging from Muay Thai, Karate, Kung-Fu, Taekwondo, Savate, San Shou/San Da, western kickboxing, and traditional boxing.

The two quarter final fights saw Buakaw Banchamek (Thailand) win a decision over Zhou Zhi Peng (China), and Shane Campbell (Canada) win a decision over Christopher Mena (Columbia). The rest of the card featured a series of fights pitting Thai fighters against Chinese fighters in a battle of nationalistic pride. These exciting fights displayed an array of phenomenal stand-up skills with a couple fights ending in brutal fashion. Below are the complete results:

  • K-1 MAX Quarter Final: Buakaw Banchamek (Thailand) (R4 – Decision) Zhou Zhi Peng (China)
  • K-1 MAX Quarter Final: Shane Campbell (Canada) (R3 – Decision) Christopher Mena (Colombia)
  • Han Kai Hu (China) (R3 – Decision) Chengrob (Thailand)
  • Kong Hong Xing (China) (R3 – Decision) Saenchai (Thailand)
  • Zhang Kai Yin (China) (R2 – KO) Rachen (Thailand)
  • Li Ning (China) (R3 – TKO) Suthin (Thailand)
  • Xie Lei (China) (R3 – Decision) Pasol (Philippines)

As one of the most prominent stand-up fighting promotions on the planet, K-1 Global never disappoints with its long roster of elite level stand-up fighters and its unforgiving tournament format. K-1 World Max will be hosting the next round of quarter finals in Spain on January 11th. Look to see the final 8 fighters battle their way into the semi-final rounds for a shot at the coveted title of K-1 champion.

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