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Video: Spider-Man Battles Batman in UK MMA Tournament


If this is Ben Affleck’s way of getting into character, he needs to hire a new trainer. Batman and Robin took on Spider-Man last October in one of the most absurd MMA matches ever recorded.

This video  shows the Dynamic Duo battling ‘Spidey’ as part of an eight-man tournament for UK MMA promotion Hardest Man. Little is known about Hardest Man, and even less is known about why the fighters dress like super heroes, but an MMA Underground message board thread gives more context to the fantasy match.

It’s only after watching the video a few times that you start to appreciate the little things, like the straight-laced commenters calling the match like they see it. Spider-Man actually shows off some decent Muay Thai skills, dropping stiff jabs and leg kicks. Sadly, the Dark Knight can’t rise from this beating.

Watch the full video below.