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UFC President Dana White Says Bobby Voelker Won’t be Cut

Photo via westport-news.com

UFC welterweight Bobby Voelker (24-11) hasn’t had it easy lately.

Prior to signing with the UFC, Voelker was riding a three-fight winning streak under the Strikeforce banner. Since making his UFC debut in March of 2013, “Vicious” has lost all three of his bouts in the promotion. First, he dropped a unanimous decision to Patrick Cote (19-8). Then, he was brutally knocked out by Robbie Lawler. And most recently, he was outpointed in another unanimous decision loss to William Macario (7-1).

Usually, three losses and zero wins in the UFC is grounds to get cut. However, it seems Voelker’s luck isn’t that bad after all. After his loss to Macario last Saturday night, UFC President Dana White surprised everyone when he said that Voelker wouldn’t be cut from the promotion.

White seemed to admire his determination and fighting style so much that he chose to keep him onboard.

“He’s 0-3, and he’s not going anywhere,” White confirmed. “He took the Robbie Lawler fight on short notice, and tonight, he was busted up and keeps moving forward, keeps trying to win.”

White does bring up a good point. In his last fight, Voelker’s face was covered in blood. His face was so bloody that it looked like it was hard for him to breathe and see. There was blood clogging up his nose and seeping into his eyes, but that didn’t discourage him from constantly moving forward and taking the fight to Macario. White sees something valuable in a fighter like that, so that’s why he’s choosing to make an exception and not cut him.

As for Voelker, the UFC hasn’t officially announced who his next opponent will be. Since he’s lost all three of his bouts, it would be reasonable to assume that he’ll be fighting someone at the bottom of the ladder.