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Anderson Silva’s Son: ‘I Hope He Retires’

Photo via esporte.ig.com.br

Following Anderson Silva’s gruesome injury at UFC 168 in his rematch against Chris Weidman, Silva’s son, Kalyl Silva, has said that he wants his father to hang up the gloves for good.

During a recent interview with the Brazilian news outlet R7, Kalyl congratulated Weidman on his recent victory and stated that he wants to see his father retire from professional mixed martial arts.

Here is the translations from USA Today:

“I hope he retires and [goes] home because I’m tired of watching my father train every day, be gone for two or three months, and a broken leg happens. And as always you are my champion father. And once again, good job Chris.”

Kalyl does bring up a good point. Many fans don’t realize the sacrifice fighters make from their personal lives. They spend time away from their families for two to three months at a time to go to training camps; doing that for many years can be emotionally and mentally exhausting. Additionally, Kalyl had to watch his father suffer one of the worst freak injuries in MMA history. It’s no surprise he would want his father to retire after watching him break his leg like that.

As for Silva, it’s been confirmed that he wants to resume training as soon as possible, but his estimated recovery time has been slated at three to six months.

UFC president Dana White has said he’s not sure whether he wants Silva to continue fighting or retire. The longtime promotion executive expressed his concern for Silva’s recovery and said that he’ll start thinking about his future once the  injury is healed up.

Regardless of whether he decides to retire or continue fighting, Silva will certainly get a spot in the UFC Hall of Fame. He reigned as the UFC middleweight champion for almost seven years, the longest of any champion in UFC history.