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Mayweather Says He Won’t Fight Pacquiao in 2014 Because of Bob Arum


Once again, Floyd Mayweather Jr. firmly asserts his refusal to fight Manny Pacquiao. The reasons have changed over the years but the verdict is always ends the same.

The most recent contention for Mayweather: Top Rank Founder and CEO Bob Arum.

Mayweather began his career with Top Rank in 1996, spending 10 years fighting for Arum. The two parted ways in 2006 after Mayweather paid $750,000 to buy out the remainder of his contract. Amongst other things, the breakup was supposedly initiated by Arum’s refusal to guarantee Mayweather $20 million to fight Oscar De La Hoya, who was also a client of Arum’s. When the two did finally meet in the ring it was without Arum and with a profit of over $30 million for Mayweather.


According to Mayweather, Arum still owes him money from his fights with Arturo Gatti (11/2005) and Zab Judah (4/2006). Mayweather even sued Arum for the 85 and 80 percent respectively that he claimed he was owed for those fights.

At the time Arum stated, “There’s no question we owe him some money,” Arum said. “There’s no dispute there. But he owes us a lot of money, and the people he’s involved with owe us even more. After 98% of the money we owed him was paid, we stopped paying him for a reason.”

Money and distrust has been a continual issue for the two parties even after their parting and there is no love lost between them. Pacquiao fights for Top Rank.

Mayweather has previously refused to step in the ring with Pacquiao because of differences of opinion regarding random blood testing and splitting the fight purse. Not to mention a nice little defamation lawsuit that may have caused some rifts.

Freddie Roach, Manny Pacquiao, Bob Arum

Rumors have recently emerged through multiple boxing media outlets that report Pacquiao has already scheduled a flight to the United States in January to once again attempt negotiations for the fight.

“That would be a great fight, a great match up,” Pacquiao, the Filipino fighter told the Manila Bulletin.

Mayweather is planning on fighting on a May 3, 2014 event in MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas and his opponent has yet to be announced. Pacquiao was previously planning on fighting in April of 2014, but that could certainly change.

Pacquiao’s original contract with Arum was set to conclude at the end of 2013, but an extension was signed near the end of 2012, which granted the contract another year. This means that all of 2014 will be spent with Top Rank and its 83 year-old founder and CEO, Bob Arum.

In light of the holiday season, Mayweather did send this festive Christmas Card via Twitter: