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Fan Poll: Pick Your Choice for the Top 20 Fighters of 2013!

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It’s getting close to midnight on the west coast in the USA and as we move into the next year we have one burning question on our mind.  Who were truly the best of the best fighters of 2013?

Sure every promotion has their favorites.  We’ve seen what the UFC has to offer and much of Bellator.  But do they have their rankings right?  Who is your pick for the top fighter of 2013?  Choose up to 20 off this list or add your own pick if you can’t find them.  Every fan will be able to vote on the existing and newly added choices made by other fans.

Remember though, you don’t have to just pick UFC fighters, you can chose a Bellator favorite or even an awesome kick boxer from Glory World Series.

This is YOUR list!  Make it count!

To take the poll just put a check in the box above the name of each fighter.  If you don’t see one on the list then chose the “other” option to add one.  Once you’ve made your choices (your limit is 20) then hit the “Vote” button at the bottom of the poll to submit your results.

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Luca Rajabi
Luca has been passionate about martial arts and eastern philosophies since childhood. As an athlete, inventor and entrepreneur Luca founded SciFighting on the principal lessons learned from his life experience "fighting" to preserve his health and fitness. Although born with inherently poor and inconsistent health he pushed forward to learn as much as he could about the sciences of technology, medicine and mental health. Years of study, working with physicians and combined analysis finally began to bare fruit by his early twenties. Starting with Fencing, cross training and body building then moving to Boxing, Western Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Eskrima and an eclectic assortment of self defense techniques. Luca's core philosophy is that to win a battle every fighter must balance their mental and physical health. Luca has said that "With well developed technique, conditioning and mental focus a sound strategy will most often win over brute strength alone." It is in this spirit that he passionately advocates for the "Science of Fighting".