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With Silva Injured, Roy Jones Jr. Wants to Box Nick Diaz

Photo via hbo.com

After Anderson Silva’s gruesome injury at UFC 168, many wonder if “The Spider” will ever fight again.

Among them is boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. The forty-four year old has expressed an interest in boxing Silva for quite some time now. Considering the seriousness of Silva’s injury last night though, it’s not likely the Brazilian star will be fighting anyone anytime soon,  if he ever returns at all.

Recent reports have indicated that Jones has now set his sights elsewhere.

After the main event of UFC 168, Jones spoke to Ariel Helwani and said if Silva is going to be sidelined with an injury for a long time, he would like to fight Nick Diaz. Helwani talked about his conversation with the famous boxer on Fox Sports.

“If I can’t box him (Anderson Silva), I want to box Nick Diaz,” Helwani said Jones told him.

Diaz has called Jones out in the past before, but Stockton’s finest has been retired since March earlier this year. After dropping a unanimous decision to Georges St-Pierre at UFC 158, Diaz officially announced his retirement from the sport. Since then, he seems to be enjoying his life as a retired fighter.

Commentator Chael Sonnen immediately dismissed the idea of a Diaz vs. Jones boxing match.

“I am going to decline this topic because the level of ridiculousness and probability of it every happening inside of our octagon in a sanctioned event which is where we fight is zero!,” the outspoken Sonnen said. “They’re not going to box in an octagon; this isn’t happening.”

Sonnen does make a good point. Diaz quit professional fighting earlier this year and it’s very doubtful that UFC President Dana White would be interested in setting up a boxing match between the two. The chances of that happening are slim to none.