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5 of the Most Shocking Bone Breaks in MMA

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It seems not so long ago that we released an article on the top 5 gruesome injuries in the UFC.  Well after Saturday’s UFC 168 bout between Weidman and Silva it seemed we needed to revisit that list.  More over, what about injuries from other MMA promotions?

While doing the research for this story we coined a phrase for the injury that caught everyone’s attention at UFC 168.  Hence forth let the “Fibula Crack” be known as the “Silva Shin Snap”.  (Ok yeah, we made up the other phrase too.  Cool though, isn’t it?)

Well, here’s a list of 5 of the most shocking bone breaks in recent MMA history!

Jon Jones' Toe Breaking
Jon Jones’ Toe Breaking

5. Jon Jones breaks his toe while defending a takedown from Chael Sonnen at UFC 159!


[youtube id=”DwukM_pep9k”]

4. The “Silva Shin Snap”.  We aren’t sure what promotion this is from but it apparently happened earlier this year.


[youtube id=”9avT0e5KPPU”]

3. Quite possibly the original “Silva Shin Snap”. This injury takes the number one spot only because it is the oldest gruesome injury we could find captured on live TV. It happened during a fight with a promotion named “Cage Warriors” and was uploaded to youtube in 2007.


Corey Hill Breaks Leg At 2008 UFC Fight For The Troops
Corey Hill Breaks Leg at 2008 UFC: Fight for the Troops

2. Taking the third spot is one of the oldest recorded “Silva Shin Snaps” in UFC history.  Occurring at UFC: Fight for the Troops event in December 2008.  Corey Hill broke his right shin while throwing a kick that was checked by Dale Hartt.  Until now it was widely considered one of the most gruesome injuries in MMA history.


Anderson Silva Breaks Shin Against Weidman's Knee
Anderson Silva Breaks Shin Against Weidman’s Knee

1. Of course the now famous, and somewhat original, “Silva Shin Snap”.  Perhaps not only one of the most gruesome but by far one of the least expected and most disappointing injuries in MMA history.  It will live in infamy forever.  The Anderson “Silva Sin Snap” of UFC 168.

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