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See Pro Wrestler Sycho Sid Break Leg, Just Like Anderson Silva (Video)

Photo Courtesy Sycho Sid Fan Facebook Page

Some people say that pro wrestling is completely fake (although usually only from the safety of their keyboard in social media, and never to an actual pro wrestler’s face).

But professional wrestlers sustain real injuries often, and some of them on live TV. Triple H once tore his quadriceps muscle during a live Monday Night Raw, and surprisingly finished the match. Vince McMahon tore both quadriceps muscles during live TV. Injuries happen inside the squared circle.

But perhaps the most gruesome injury to happen on live TV hit former professional wrestler Sid Eudy, who went by various names, including Sid Vicious, Sid Justice and Sycho Sid. Nearly 13 years ago, Sid broke his tibia and fibula, the same bones Anderson Silva broke at UFC 168.

Sid stood 6 foot 9 inches tall and was 320 pounds. He jumped off the second rope and attempted to kick Scott Steiner in the face with his right leg. When he landed on his left leg, his leg, just like Silva’s, snapped. Sid was wearing boots at the time, but the bone came out of the skin.

Like Silva’s leg, the site of Sid’s wrecked left leg scarred viewers. Sid enjoyed great success as a former WWE champion, who feuded with the likes of Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker. In the 1991 Royal Rumble, Sid was supposed to play heel to feud with Hulk Hogan, but the fans were solidly behind Sid, and booed Hogan during the live event.  The WWE, in replays changed the background noise, to make it sound like the fans were booking Sid and cheering Hogan, perpetuate the storyline for an eventual match at WrestleMania of that year.

The injury occurred in 2001, at WCW’s Sin PPV. Although Sid returned, he was never the same. Watch the crazy video below:

[youtube id=”DQ_RR9WjUlI”]