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Chris Weidman Says His Leg Checks Led To Anderson Silva’s Leg Break

Photo courtesy UFC Facebook Page

To some it may have looked like an freak accident, but UFC middlweight champion Chris Weidman says Anderson Silva’s leg break came as a result of his expert leg checking.

“I don’t think it was accidental when you try to check a kick and it works,” Weidman said at the UFC 168 press conference. “You try to check kicks and that happens.”

Weidman defeated Anderson Silva by vicious TKO after Silva broke his left leg trying to kick Weidman in the second round. Weidman, who defeated Silva in July to wrest the UFC title away from the Brazilian legend, blocked the kick and in doing so snapped Silva’s tibia and fibula.

Silva collapsed, the fight was called off and Silva was rushed to the hospital, marking a sad end for a fighter who was at one time widely regarded as the best mixed martial of all time.

Weidman said he knew what happened instantly.

“He threw everything into both those kicks,” Weidman said. “I knew I hurt it with it, but I didn’t know it was broke until I saw him put his leg down.”

Even before the kick, Weidman controlled Silva in the first round, dropping him with a right hand and then nearly knocking him out with the ground-and-pound. Silva fought Weidman off, but Weidman set the tone in the first round that he was in charge.

Weidman said he prepared better for Silva’s leg kicks for the second fight, but other than that he made no big changes.

“It was kind of the same thing, same type of preparation,” Weidman said. “No big changes. I knew I was going to win.”

Weidman will defend his middleweight championship next against Vitor Belfort sometime in 2014.