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UFC 168: Gruesome Animated Image of Silva’s Shin Breaking


UFC 168 was no run of the mill event.  Many things people didn’t expect to happen did happen but most shocking of all was the main event.  Anderson Silva, long known as the pound for pound best fighter in the UFC middle weight division, suffered a horrific injury (fracturing his tibia aka shin bone) when his kick was checked by the defending champion, Chris Weidman.  The injury occurred causing an immediate stoppage with just 3 minutes and 48 seconds remaining in the 2nd round.

Those who watched the fight were stunned in silence, whiles others cringed and scowled at the sight of Silva’s shin bending like a reed around Weidman’s knee.  The Tibia is the shin bone that bears most of the weight when standing and walking, while the Fibula is a splint bone located on the outside of the lower leg.  From looking at the video footage this evening, it seemed fairly apparent that both the Tibia and Fibula were completely broken (a total fracture across the mid section of the length of the shin).  Tibial fractures are treated as medical emergencies, so it’s no surprise to have seen doctors rush to Silva’s aid in the octagon.

An anonymous tipster sent in an animated GIF of the 9 seconds it took to stop the fight and possibly end Anderson Silva’s mixed martial arts career.

In many cases a minimum of 12 weeks of immobilization with a full cast are required to heal the fracture.  After which there is extensive physical therapy that is required to restore the range of ankle and knee movement, and to restore muscle strength lost during the immobilization period.

At SciFighting we wish Mr. Silva the very best and hope for a speedy and full recovery!


Warning, this image is not for the faint of heart.  Those who are curious may look below to see just how it happened.


Anderson Silva Breaks Shin Against Weidman's Knee
Anderson Silva Breaks Shin Against Weidman’s Knee
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