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Ronda Rousey Proud Of Her Venezuelan Roots


UFC women’s bantamweight champions Ronda Rousey said she’s proud of her cultural heritage and is especially glad that she now has a platform to showcase her roots.

Rousey, along with Miesha Tate, Chris Weidman, Anderson Silva, Travis Browne, Josh Barnett and UFC President Dana White spoke at a UFC 168 Press Conference on Thursday.

In response to a media question asking about her racial background, Rousey said she is proud to be a Venezuelan and excited that she has so many Latino fans.

“It’s really, really flattering,” Rousey said at the press conference. “It feels great. When I was younger people wouldn’t believe I was half-Venezuelan. I don’t look like it. I look like my dad. I never really got any cultural recognition as a kid. It’s kind of a shame that people treat you how you look like.”

Now, it’s a different story, Rousey said.

“It feels great, especially my mom and her whole side of the family is super excited about it now,” Rousey said. “I have a lot of cousins and stuff still in Venezuala now. It’s really nice to have a venue to be able to regain a connection with my roots.”

Rousey will fight Tate in the co-main event of Saturday’s UFC 168 card. The two have one of the sport’s most intense rivalries. Rousey tapped Tate out with an armbar in Strikeforce in 2012 and the two have been verbally feuding ever since. The two women co-hosted The Ultimate Fighter earlier this year, which only further fueled the rivalry.

Rousey said she has not watched a single episode of the show because she felt as though she was made out to look like the villain to Tate’s heroine role on the show. Also at the press conference, Rousey said her feud with Tate helped give women’s MMA the spark it needed to gain the attention of UFC President Dana White.

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  • Arturo

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    • M blanton

      actually, her grandfather was AFRO-Venezuelan, a black Venezuelan NOT white…., so there goes your logic! lol

      • Arturo

        Missed slam dunk for you!!! That’s EXACTLY what a white-Latina is, it’s a White Latin woman many times with a mixed heritage, sometimes black. That’s where the butt comes from. That’s why here in Venezuela you see blonde women with asses, and exotic eyes sometimes, because somewhere in their heritage there is some mix, sometimes black, sometimes arabic, sometimes indigenous, etc. Though sometimes they’re just white with no mix from another race. Randy Rousey is the perfect example of a white-latin woman, the only difference is that she was born in the US, but there are millions like her in Latin-America. Now do you understand?

        • M blanton

          MIXED is NOT white. You’re ridiculous. “A white woman with a mixed heritage” lmao. Lol lol lol, Oh boy, you really need a history lesson as well as a better understanding of genetics….AND race! Go on with your day, have a good one

          • Arturo

            The One-Drop rule huh…

        • If a woman is mixed, she’s mixed, not white. I would know as I’m mixed. Weird logic in your post.

          • Arturo

            In Venezuela there are many whites that may or may not have any mix. It’s actually irrelevant down here. If you look black, you’re black. If you look white, you’re white. We don’t do ADN studies on people to see if they had some indigenous mix 6 generations ago. What you¿re talking about is the “one-drop rule,” that if a person has at least one drop of blood of an “inferior” race, then that person is of that race. You people are SICK. Anyway, there are many Venezuelans with “pedigree,” that are “pure” white according to your sick racial breeding standards. Complete German communities immigrated here in the late 1900s and then after WWI and WWII. You people are sick.

          • I don’t understand which people you mean…American mixed-race people? Americans in general? All I know is that I personally am not “sick” and I don’t go by the one drop rule. That’s actually irrelevant to me. I go by family heritage and biology. It is genetic reality that a mixed-race person is part Black and therefore mixed-race. It ain’t rocket science, bud. I am part African-American and part White therefore I am mixed-race and proud of ALL of who I descend from. Most mixed people in America no matter how pale or dark, acknowledge and refer to themselves as what they are, part black and part white. How is that sickness? What else are they supposed to call themselves? Eskimo?

          • Arturo


          • Santa Claus

            None any venezuelan is white, it’s the second hispanic country with most black population. Not even if some of them have light skin. That’s why the only white people are european in countries with half blood or mixed people

          • Arturo

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          • “You put people of all skin-tones in the “mixed” category?”

            Arturo, I have no intentions of arguing with you, especially not over a two month old comment you just recently decided to respond to for some reason. I’ve grown up all my life seeing people of mixed race of all shades and looks. Being mixed-race doesn’t mean that a person is brown and it doesn’t mean that a person is pale. Being mixed-race simply means that a person comes from either two parents of different races or they are of two races in their heritage. Mixed-race people are genetically mixed-race no matter what they look like. Are you actually going to argue that? I am speaking of biology and family history. Not just the hue of someone’s skin.

            And sweetheart, I’ve lived the mixed-race experience all of my life and know exactly what I’m talking about. I don’t need to “learn” anything from a random woman because she’s a “WHITE, white latina”.

    • Santa Claus

      Agreed that Latinas are voluptuous, but Ronda has an average body (not much curves: no hips and big waist) and she looks like his dad, she looks nothing like her mom.
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