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UFC President Dana White Says Bigfoot Silva’s High Testosterone Levels ‘Ruined Everything’

Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Many people called it the best heavyweight fight in history.

The battle between Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva and Mark Hunt displayed everything fight fans love about MMA: They showed heart, drive and determination.

The 5-round fight ended in a draw, but both fighters earned something much more valuable than a victory. They became immediate cult-like heroes and they earned the respect of fans everywhere.

And then the drug test results came in. And Silva tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone.

So much for that. Silva blamed the high levels on his doctor and said he plans to sue because he assumed he was within normal levels. UFC President Dana White, however, suspended him for nine months and stripped him of his bonus money for the Fight of the Night. Even though the fight was a draw, White gave both fighters their win bonus, but Silva lost that to.

White told MMA Fighting that he was “bummed out” by the test results because it ruined a great fight. He also said he questions the intelligence of any fighter who takes extra testosterone just days before a fight.

“Here’s what happened,” White said.  “So, I told you we test the s@&t out of these guys that are doing testosterone replacement therapy. We gave [Bigfoot] his last test the week of the fight, he was perfect. He took another shot to put him over. And, what does that extra shot really do for you? What does it really do for you the week of the fight? It destroyed everything. Now you don’t get the win money. We were giving both guys show and win money. And you won the bonus. Now you lost both your show and win money and your bonus money. Ouch.”