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Jim Miller: Cutting Weight With All Those Christmas Cookies and ‘Good Food’ Hardest Part Of Fighting At UFC 168

Photo Courtesy Jim Miller Facebook Page

The stacked UFC 168 card is full of big names and story lines, but one guy who also has a lot to prove is UFC veteran Jim Miller.

Miller, 22-4 (1) will fight Fabricio Camoes at UFC 168. It will be the first time Miller steps back into the cage after he was submitted by Pat Healy last September. The fight was a close, back-and-forth war, until Healy slapped on a rear naked choke to submit Miller.

Fortunately for Miller, Healy tested positive for marijuana, and the decision was turned into a No Contest. Still, Miller isn’t happy that he was submitted. He felt like he was winning the fight, but then got tired.

“I’ve been submitted once before against Nate Diaz but the circumstances leading up to the submission were the difference in this one,” Miller told UFC.com. “With Pat Healy it’s the first time in my career that I’ve ever gassed. I’ve gotten tired before and I’ve slowed down because of the pace of the fight, but that was the first time I’ve ever gassed out. It’s not a feeling that I like and sometimes it’s one of those nights. I was in good shape but it was a different feeling.”

Healy said he fights for his family, but the hardest part of fighting this Saturday will be doing it so close to Christmas. His wife is pregnant and he has a 3-year-old daughter at home.

“This is my job, and it’s how I put presents under the tree and put food on the table,” Miller told UFC.com. “I don’t have much of a problem with it. My family is a food family and we make food, cookies, canning stuff and we do that for gifts to each other. That’s the hardest part, cutting during Christmas with all that food around, but it’s nothing I’m not used to. I’ve been cutting weight my whole life.”

Camoes, 14-7-1, is looking to rebound from a loss to Melvin Guillard.

“He’s got something to prove against me but I’ve got something to prove against him too,” Miller said. “We are all trying to leave our mark and he’s going to try to leave his on me. I don’t sleep on anybody and I don’t want to be anyone’s stepping stone, so I’m looking to fight my fight and put him away.”