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Uriah Hall Now Says He ‘Gets It’ And Must ‘Destroy’ Chris Leben At UFC 168

Photo Courtesy Uriah Hall Facebook Page

As fast as every one jumped on the Uriah Hall bandwagon, those same fans jumped off it after back-to-back decision loses in the UFC. Hall, who viciously knocked out two fighters on The Ultimate Fighter, opened up to UFC.com about his public failures since being widely regarded as the next big thing in MMA.

“When you do something and you keep making mistakes, when it clicks you’re like, ‘I get it!’” Hall told UFC.com. “I get it now. I get what I have to do when I get in the ring. I get that I can’t let certain things inside. I get that I have to destroy the person in front of me. I get it. It’s finally clicked. And the best thing to do is show it.”

Hall fights Chris Leben in the main event of the preliminary matches at UFC 168 on Saturday. Leben, a member of the original TUF cast, may be perfectly suited for a Hall comeback fight. Leben is a tough fighter with heavy hands. He once knocked out Wanderlei Silva.

Hall believes that he has found his fire again. He is looking forward to victory.

“It would just shut everybody up,” Hall said. “And get me back on that ladder. It’s just a ladder. You fall off it and you get back up. The losses will make you appreciate the wins more – it’s just a growing experience. I don’t like being caught up in all the BS, and it’s just that – BS. There have been people who have been through this in life, who have been through this storm, and it’s all about perseverance and not allowing that stuff to get to you. For me, I was just sensitive in that area. I’m learning. I’m a sponge and I’m learning and I get it. It was a problem and I’m fixing it. I’m in the best shape of my life, my head is exactly where it needs to be, and all I need to do is pretty much give the beating of the year. And that will shut everyone up.”

UFC President Dana White has said that Hall needs to win his fight against Leben or face getting fired from the UFC.