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Chatri Sityodtong on Achieving Greatness in Life Through Martial Arts

Photo via Evolve MMA

If you’re an avid martial arts enthusiast, or find rags to riches stories inspirational, then this TED Talk is for you. As with many of MMA’s leaders, Chatri is a truly passionate martial artist. His goal is grand—to reshape and better the world through the platform of martial arts.

It’s been said that great leader gives to others and leads by example. Through their story and leadership, these unique individuals inspire and empower others.


In Thailand, Chatri grew up impoverished but evolved into greatness through Muay Thai. He trained under Kru Yodtong Senanan, the legendary coach that led the Sityodtong camp.

Later on in adulthood, he studied in the states, received an MBA from Harvard, and found success on Wall Street. As a man who has accomplished so much, he remains humble, and continues to humble others through his own humility.

Today, he’s a leader and student of world champions—Evolve MMA as well as Evolve University. Both are truly encyclopedic platforms for evolving through martial arts, whether it’s for professional or recreational purposes.

The TEDTalk

[youtube id=”prQVI3l1KX4″]

This TEDTalk connects martial arts to one of our greatest fears—the fear of failure and inadequacy. It discusses why martial art is an amazing platform to unleash the human potential.

In a short 20 minutes, it’s straightforward to learn why Chatri is successful or why he’s one of the most powerful men in MMA. To be brief, it’s his charisma and eloquence. But more importantly, it’s his indomitable spirit and desire for continuous self-improvement.

Perhaps above all, it’s passion, optimism, and work ethic.

As martial artists, many don’t take a safe route. There are many sacrifices made; many take the road less traveled by. But it’s what they love to do, and that makes all the difference. The path of martial arts is full of adversities and failures, but in overcoming these challenges, it becomes an amazing platform to unleash the human potential.

Chatri Sityodtong is an outstanding example of his own messages. If you share the sentiment that the martial arts world is healthy and ever-expanding, you can certainly look forward to him making more positive impact.