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Michael Bisping Reveals Where His Nickname Comes From

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Michael Bisping is as well-known by his nickname, “The Count,” as he is by his real one. He’s carried the moniker since his UFC debut in 2006, and earlier this week, he finally revealed where it comes from.

Bisping revealed the info during a fan Q&A session, as transcribed by Bloody Elbow:

My ancestor was actually a Polish count back in the day. In the Middle Ages, I think around the 1300’s he played a part in the battle, and for what he achieved, because he helped win the war, they gave him the title of count and a bunch of land.

They were living a nice life until the Germans invaded in World War II. They lined the whole family up against the wall, and shot them all dead and my granddad was the only one that made it out alive. He came to England, had my dad, and I grew up on a council estate.

“So, thanks Germany,” he concluded, laughing.

Bisping has been out of competition since April due to an eye injury. Luckily, the subsequent surgery went smoothly, and “The Count” predicts he’ll be back to competition as early as next spring.

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