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5 Reasons You Should Have Worked Out This Morning

Photo via workoutlab.net

Sick of working out during lunchtime or after work? Good, because you shouldn’t be exercising at those times anyway. There are many good reasons that most professional athletes and soldiers in the military train in the mornings. Working out early has many benefits that you just can’t get by exercising later in the day.

Here are five reasons you should stop being lazy and start working out in the  early mornings.

1) Early Start for Your Metabolism

Courtesy of everymantri.com
Courtesy of everymantri.com

Rise and shine! Working out in the morning jump starts your metabolism. Many studies have shown that exercising early will cause your body to burn calories all throughout the day. This is very beneficial if most of your day consists of sitting at a desk and studying or working for many hours. You’ll continue burning calories while your body is at rest. You can’t get perks like that if you exercise in the evening.

2) More Energy for the Rest of the Day

Courtesy of intellectstrategies.com
Photo via intellectstrategies.com

Feeling sluggish at the office? Studies have shown that people who exercise in the morning report feeling more energized during the day than people who don’t. Working out in the mornings releases endorphins and other hormones that give you long-lasting energy for the rest of your day. And if you’ve got a lot of work to do, you’re going to need it.

3) Curbs Your Appetite

Courtesy of science.nationalgeographic.com
Photo via science.nationalgeographic.com

If you don’t find this appealing, then there’s something wrong with you. It’s been proven that people who exercise early are less likely to have cravings to binge eat or over-snack throughout the day. In contrast, if you exercise in the evening after you’ve eaten dinner, you’re more likely to crave more food late at night.

4) Promotes Healthier Sleep

Courtesy of fyiliving.com
Photo via fyiliving.com

Everyone can use better sleep. Consistently exercising in the mornings promotes healthier sleeping patterns and better sleep quality as well. Additionally, you’ll be more motivated to sleep at an appropriate hour knowing that you’re going to wake up early to break a sweat. Efficient muscle recovery and vibrant energy levels during the day are highly dependent on good sleep.

5) It’s Good for Your Brain

Courtesy of outsideonline.com
Photo via outsideonline.com

Don’t look so surprised. Studies have shown that exercising increases the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the brain. This effect can last up to ten hours after you exercise! That means you’ll have ten hours of being able to think more clearly and focus on things that matter throughout your day.