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Benson Henderson: Fans Are Going to See a True MMA Fight Between Josh Thomson and I

(Photo by Nick Laham/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

Benson Henderson (19-3) is known for being a well-rounded fighter. Over the course of the past few years, Henderson has displayed his skills as the lightweight champion, defending his title against fighters from all different disciplines.

Henderson’s next fight is opposite number one contender Josh Thomson (20-5, 1 NC) who comes off of a scintillating return to the UFC with a TKO over the ultra tough Nate Diaz.

Henderson recently analyzed the fight with Thomson to UFC.com:

“I think this is a great matchup stylistically,” Henderson said. “You are going to see both of us going hard. I can and have gone 25 minutes and so has he. We’ve both gone all-out for five rounds at a high pace. I’m not talking about a slow 25 minutes like we sometimes see with heavyweights where they just lean on one another; I’m talking about a non-stop, fast-paced 25 minute fight where both guys are getting after it. He’s been working his wrestling for a long, long time and I’ve been working my standup for a long time as well. We are both pretty good in all areas. We’re maybe not great in one specific area that outshines all others, but we are both pretty solid in all areas.

“Fans are going to see a true mixed martial arts fight here. A lot of times a fight will stay standing for the full 25 minutes and people say what a great fight it was. But that’s a kickboxing fight. I’m talking about an MMA fight between Josh and I. You are going to see us on the ground. We are going to be against the cage. We are going to be standing up and everywhere in between.”

Henderson went on to explain what this fight means to him as a win could carry heavy title implications:

“There is always going to be a new this or that. There are always going to be extra things that can be added on or played up to try to sell the story. But for me personally, a fight is a fight. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are. I’m going to show up ready and prepared and I’m going to show out.

“I absolutely keep it simple and not just in fighting but in life in general,” he added. “I try to keep things simple and not too complicated. You can worry yourself to death and get caught up in this and that and one hundred million things you have no control over. What do you have control over? I have control over how I train by going to practice in the morning and in the afternoon. Performing well during the fight…those are the things I worry about. Just that next step because everything else is everything else.”

The fight between Henderson and Thomson headlines UFC on FOX 10 on January 25th at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois.