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Interview: Ultimate Fighter Chris Holdsworth Talks Ronda Rousey, Miesha Tate, and His Experience on the Show


The Ultimate Fighter: Team Tate vs Team Rousey had a lot of very entertaining moments and fighters on the show. It was the first show to feature female coaches and female fighters. While the women were front and center, one male nearly stole the show.

Chris Holdsworth not only came across as a talent fighter, but also a very likable character on this season. Holdsworth started strong, beating Beal in amazing win first on his feet then to the ground, causing an early upset to Team Rousey. Then he faced off against Michael Wooten and finished him in the first round. For the season finale he faced Davey Grant to see who was the Ultimate Fighter.

Holdsworth’s fight with Grant went to the second round, where he took the fight via rear naked choke. SciFighting.com interviewed Holdsworth prior to the show finale, and we definitely wanted to follow up with this rising star. We got to talk with the new Ultimate Fighter and discuss his win and what’s next.

Scifighting: The first round ended with Grant slamming you and you throwing it into reversal, this was the first fight on TUF that you had been brought to the second round, what was going through your mind after the first round:

Holdsworth: Getting my breath back, focusing, going over in my head what to do next and listening to my coaches. I felt good starting the second round.

Scifighting: I think people underestimated your striking ability, what would you say to them now?

Holdsworth: I was able to showcase my striking a little more, getting comfortable the more cage time I have. I still have some tricks up my sleeves (laughs). I see an opportunity and I take it.

Scifighting: So Tate team took Ultimate Fighter finale, how do you think that was for her?

Holdsworth: It was pretty cool she was happy for herself that she got to beat Ronda, I think it was motivation for Ronda and it built Miesha’s confidence. I think that is going to be a great fight.

Scifighting: How has been being a private person and now being in the spotlight?

Holdsworth: I am a little more popular then I though, It is good to know I have fans, its something you have to get used to for sure, its pretty cool.

Scifighting: So what are you up to next?

Holdsworth: Right now I am trying to enjoy myself, enjoying food and being fat and happy. Whenever I can I train, its what I enjoy doing and I don’t feel right if I am not training. I want to fight the best and work my way up to more experienced fights, I have a lot to learn and room to grow.

Scifighting: Any idea about your next fight?

Holdsworth: No not yet, as soon as I know you all will know too.

Chris Holdsworth is definitely a talent to keep an eye on. He is constantly evolving into one of the most well rounded individuals in the sport with an unmatched work ethic and love for the sport.