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Cole Miller: I Will Never Fight in Massachusetts Ever Again

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Featherweight Cole Miller has sworn off fighting in Massachusetts ever again after his August bout with Manvel Gamburyan at UFC Fight Night 26.

It was a controversial fight, one that saw a number of delays as officials ruled whether or not certain strikes were legal. In the end, Gamburyan walked away with a unanimous decision.

Miller subsequently filed an appeal to the  Massachusetts Athletic Commission in which he outlined eight rules violations, but it was denied.

“It’s bad that I have to make an accusation against the state that they broke rules,” he told Bloody Elbow. “If I had broken a rule, if they had pointed out eight things, they would have considered that overwhelming evidence to fine me or suspend me, but because I had to attack their commission they thought those eight rule violations were inconclusive. It blows my mind.”

Miller considered legal action, but in the end, decided to get on with his career.

“I thought about suing them, but I’m just going to let it go. I have a fight coming up, and I can’t take time off to hire a lawyer and start thinking about that,” he said. “They potentially robbed me of Knockout of the Night, a win bonus and a Knockout of the Night.”

“The judges messed it up. The athletic commission messed it up later, and I’m just not interested in ever going back to that state. They’ll never get any state taxes from future purses from me because I’m never going back.”

Miller’s next fight will take place in Georgia against Sam Sicilia at UFC Fight Night 35.

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