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Joe Lauzon Reveals How Much Money He Makes From Sponsors

(Photo Courtesy via UFC.com)

Joe Lauzon (23-9) is well known for boosting his pay at any given event by stealing away the ‘Fight of the Night’ bonus’ from the other fighters on a card.

His most recent bout with Mac Danzig (21-12-1) didn’t nab FOTN honors, but it did stand out due to the deliberate lack of sponsors on Danzig’s shorts. He stated at the pre-fight press conference that he was trying to make a statement towards companies who he believed didn’t have his best interest at heart. ‘Not for Sale’ was place on his shorts instead of the usually colorful patches that most fighters wear.

Lauzon didn’t opt out of his sponsors for the fight. He defeated Danzig via unanimous decision, marking the first decision win of his career.

After the fight, and with talks of shoddy sponsorship for fighters abound, Lauzon appeared on MMAJunkie Radio and discussed the details of his sponsorship deals.

“Before, it could be anyone that wanted to pay you, you could wear their shirt,” he said. “Whereas now it’s, ‘Here are the approved people.’ So you’ve got to pick from them, and you’ve got to find the best deal from these very limited people. It’s a little tougher than it used to be. It used to be the wild, wild west from sponsors.”

Lauzon went on to tell the show that he makes anywhere from $12,000 and $25,000 per fight. This is of course added to his $60,000 earned with a win on top of his ‘show’ money. Danzig’s disclosed pay was $32,000.

This fight was the first win of Lauzon’s career by way of decision and his first win since 2008 that Lauzon failed to claim a Fight Night bonus with a win.