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Ronda Rousey Says Miesha Tate Talks Trash Because She Knows She’s Overmatched


Although Chris Weidman vs. Anderson Silva will headline UFC 168 next Saturday, Dec. 28, the deepest bad blood on the card runs between Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate, who will collide in the co-main event.

Put simply, Tate and Rousey don’t like each other. They may even hate each other.

A week before the fight, Rousey is firing away at Tate’s trash talk, a woman she already defeated by vicious armbar once before.

Rousey told MMA Fighting: “She goes on her interviews and says she’s going to finish me in the first round, ‘she has so many holes in her game, blah blah blah,’ she tries to talk me down all the time,” Rousey said. “She has to convince herself.”

Rousey defeated Tate in March of 2012 with an armbar submission to win the Strikeforce bantamweight women’s championship. Although Rousey tapped her out in the first round, Tate came closer to anyone to upsetting Rousey and getting her into the second round. Tate had a superior position at times in the fight, but Rousey managed to escape. Tate even slipped out of Rousey’s first armbar hold, but then tapped out later in the round after Rousey re-applied it.

Rousey said in the interview that she wants Tate at her best.

“I believe her when she says she’s in the best shape of her life,” Rousey said. “I believe her when she says her striking is the best in her life, I believe that she can have a perfect game plan and focused her game plan on my weaknesses and everything possible, everything. I assume she is going to be perfect. I’m prepared for a five-round brawl. What she is hoping for is for me to go out there and for me to make a mistake. I expect a whole lot more from her than she expects from me.”