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UFC Fighter Shane Del Rosario Died Of Natural Causes, But Had Cocaine In His Body

Photo courtesy Shane Del Rosario Facebook Page

UFC fighter Shane Del Rosario died of natural causes, according to his death certificate, but also had cocaine in his system at the time of his death.

Del Rosario, 30, suffered an apparent heart attack on Nov. 26 and was found by his roommate, UFC Flyweight Ian McCall.

Rosario, according to a death certificate cited by MMA Junkie, suffered brain damage from a lack of oxygen to the brain, an abnormal heart rhythm commonly associated with heart attacks and a congenital heart disorder.

The death certificate listed  anoxic encephalopathy, ventricular fibrillation and Long QT Syndrome, as causes of death. The death certificate also listed items found in Del Rosario’s body, including cocaine, opiates and THC, as “other significant conditions contributing to death but not resulting in the underlying cause.”

Del Rosario was 11-2, beginning his career 11-0 before losing his final two fights in the UFC to Stipe Miocic and Pat Barry.

Del Rosario was one of Strikeforce’s brightest stars before the UFC purchased the company.  He arose on the Strikeforce: Challengers cards and then developed into a fighter with high promise and potential.

He held victories over Lolohea Mahe and Lavar Johnson. His career suffered a major setback, however, in 2011 when he was rear-ended by a drunk driver while in his car at a stoplight. Del Rosario suffered several herniated discs in his back from the accident.

Prior to the injury, Del Rosario was an alternate preparing to fight Daniel Cormier as part of the Strikeforce Grand Prix Heavyweight tournament. Del Rosario at the time contemplated retirement because he was unable to fight from the lingering injuries.

Rosario was also the first American to become the WBC Muay Thai World Heavyweight Champion.