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GLORY 13 Welterweight Tournament Final Results: Holzken Drops Valtellini Late in the Fight, Claims Welterweight Tournament Championship/$100,000

(Credit: GLORY Sports International)

The finals saw Joseph Valtellini take on Nieky Holzken. Both men turned in impressive performances with Valtellini finishing his semifinal opponent. The stage was set to crown the GLORY 13 welterweight tournament champion.

Round 1: Both men cam to the center of the ring and traded combinations. Each man made it a point to end each combination with a kick or a knee. Their technique was beautiful and evenly matched. Holzken was able to tag Valtellini and started to pour the pressure on. Valltellini stayed tough though and pushed through the minor adversity. Holzken was a bit more active and seemed to take round one.

Round 2: Valtellini came out with a series of jabs in round 2. Holzken rocked Valtellini and started to run forward. Valtellini has made a name for himself being a tough customer and hung with Holzken. Holzken was very accurate and was able to slip through the guard of Valtellini several times. Valtellini started to turn the tide and peppered Holzken with quick straights and leg kicks. Holzken was able to land nice hooks on the counter though as Valtellini came in. This round was much closer with Valtellini finding his range and timing.

Round 3: Holzken was rocked early and came in to finish. Valtellini was hurt by a liver shot soon after. Holzken smelled blood and came forward throwing with a bit more power. Holzken worked the body and was tacking on valuable points late in the fight. Valtellini knew the round was coming to an end and went for broke in a fight that saw a lot of success for Holzken. Holzken countered perfectly and dropped Valtellini. Valtellini couldn’t answer the bell.

Official Decision: Holzken defeats Valtellini via TKO (punch) in round 3.


With the win, Holzken is the GLORY 13 welterweight tournament champion and walks away with $100,000.