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Review: UFC’s Ultimate Fight Collection 2013


The UFC uses that world ‘ultimate’ quite liberally, placing it on any product they so choose and for good reason — it’s synonymous with the largest MMA promotion in the world.

In the case of the UFC: Ultimate Fight Collection 2013, however, I feel the word is used like so many use ‘literally’ these days.

Upon receiving your box set you will notice the new color-scheme for the packaging and an overhead photo of Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos from their UFC 155 bout. The numbers ‘013’ are splayed across the front as well which is a peculiar choice given the rarity of ‘013’ as an abbreviation for 2013 and that it isn’t the 13th installment of this series.

You then slide the familiar case out of its sheath and crack open a year’s worth of fights.

One problem I have always had with these collections is that they aren’t exactly the year in review of fights. Instead it is a July 2012-June 2013 collection which detracts from the overall feeling of reliving a years worth of fights as the old ‘Best of’ DVD’s did.

On the positive side the fights on the collection are immense. from UFC 148 to UFC 161 and each and every free card in between, there are plenty of hours worth of incredible fights to relive on this set such as Silva/Sonnen 2, Silva/Stann, St-Pierre/Diaz, Cain/JDS. However, you will be reliving these fights at a steep cost.

First thing you will notice is the shortened cards. Sure there are some fights that I will never watch again as two fighters on the Facebook prelims fighting to an uninspired decision doesn’t make for a pleasurable viewing experience but hey, this is supposed to be the Ultimate collection not the Pretty Much collection. I want every fight between those two-time brackets or no deal.

Another issue, this one more glaring than the last, is that you can’t enjoy these fights on Blu-Ray. Yes, each of the 20 discs in this set is a DVD so you can give your player a break from running gorgeous Blu-Ray discs which blur the line between a recorded disc and real life.

Continuing on my rampage of pointing out glaring detractions, there are no special features in this collection. None. There are no weigh-in videos, no countdown shows, nothing. Maybe each disc was filling up with content but that is unlikely. Even so, put in a 21st disc in the set and give me the extras that I want from a collection from 12-months of fights.

Each card is also a watered down version of the one you remember watching live. No, time in the corners between rounds as if we are taking a commercial break, no break between bouts, and no walkouts. Did you enjoy your favorite fighter walking to the Octagon sometime this year? Maybe you wanted Wanderlei Silva walking out to Sandstorm in Japan or the countdown show for GSP/Diaz, which carried some of the biggest hype for a single fight all year. Well you’re out of luck.

As for positives, the design is nice, nothing spectacular but it is nice to look at.

Also, fights.

Even with the watered down cards there are still 50 hours of fights across 20 discs to hopefully keep your hunger for combat satiated in between live events. That is about it though.

I do recommend this collection, but only based on the fact that it does include great fights. As a collector of UFC events, I of course jumped on the opportunity to acquire it but was still disappointed at the fact that your money is quite obviously spent on the fights alone instead of image quality or bonus’


— A Lot of Fights
— Nice Design
— Free Cards
— Watching Bigfoot Silva Scream After a Win


— Watered Down Cards
— No Blu-Ray Option
— No Bonus Features
— Edited to the Point of Lacking
— Watching Bigfoot Silva Scream After a Win

You can purchase the collection here for $79.97.


UFC 148-UFC 161

Free TV:

Fuel TV – Munoz vs. Weidman

FOX – Shogun vs. Vera

Fuel TV – Struve vs. Miocic

FX – Browne vs. Bigfoot

Fuel TV – Franklin vs. Le

FOX – Henderson vs. Diaz

FX – Sotiropoulos vs. Pearson

TUF Finale – Carwin vs. Mitrione

FX – Belfort vs. Bisping

FOX – Johnson vs. Dodson

Fuel TV – Barao vs. McDonald

Fuel TV – Silva vs. Stann

Fuel TV – Mousasi vs. Latifi

TUF Finale – Faber vs. Jorgenson

FOX – Henderson vs. Melendez

FX – Belfort vs. Rockhold

Fuel TV – Nogueira vs. Werdum