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5 Reasons to Watch GLORY 13

(Credit: GLORY Sports International)

GLORY kickboxing returns to SPIKE TV this Saturday with a fantastic card that leaves fans of the sport chomping at the bit to see. For someone who is keen on the sport or perhaps just a fan of boxing or MMA, kickboxing is definitely worth your time.

For those not convinced on why to tune in to this Saturday’s card, here are five reasons to change your mind:

5: Preliminary Card is actually a ‘Super Fight’ card

Unlike MMA or boxing, the preliminary card for a GLORY event is stacked, often times featuring some of the best in the sport. Since GLORY operates on about five fights on the main card with a tournament format, two fights are already taken by semi-final bouts. Add in a headliner, co-main and a third feature bout and the main card is already filled up. This pushes some talent to the undercard.

Two fights in particular to keep an eye on are Remy Bonjasky vs. Anderson Silva and Jerome Le Banner vs. Sergei Kharitonov. Remember, these fights are on the Super Fight stream and take place before the main card. These bouts will have already taken place before the stacked main card.


4: Free on SPIKE TV/Cheap on PPV

What’s better than several hours of the highest level of a given combat sport? Watching that card for free (or at a cheap cost). For American viewers, the GLORY 13 card will air for free via tape-delay on SPIKE TV.

For those around the world, they can purchase the online PPV stream of the event for a mere $15, which is well under what the UFC and top boxing promotions charge. If you sign up for the GLORY newsletter, you should have a $5 coupon for the event as well. This gets you access to three great fights on the main card and also the entire welterweight tournament.


3: One Tournament, One Night

Unlike other combat sports, GLORY implements a tournament format and conducts it in one night. This means that those who win in the quarter/semi- final fights will have to fight again until the tournament has concluded later in the night. They are given a small break backstage in between fights and have to come back out to fight an opponent with a completely different skill set than the one they previously defeated.

The drama is on high because of this as even exhausted kickboxers never cease their offense.

At the end of the tournament, fans are rewarded with their attendance or viewership with the winner getting not only a belt but also a huge check for over $100,000 and sometimes up over $200,000 right in front of our eyes. This creates a beautiful attachment of talent and application with a tangible result in the form of six-figures on a check.


(Photo Courtesy via GLORY Sports International)
(Photo Courtesy via GLORY Sports International)

2: The Atmosphere of International Kickboxing

Whether it’s the techno beat as a Dutch fighter walks out or a grass skirt, shield, and a spear donned by Danyo Illunga, the atmosphere of an international kickboxing event is something else. Fighters faces in action poses are plastered in strobing flashes on a huge screen behind then as the walk down the ramp, elevated above the audience. They look like superheroes, often draped in their nation’s flag and almost always walking to a song from their homeland.

It helps your truly realize how universal fighting is. It is understood by all cultures as Dutch style kickboxing meets with muay thai from the other side of the globe with sects and variations to each little technique. This event takes place in Tokyo, Japan, a mainstay for combat sports throughout the years and a nation whose fighters embody the warrior spirit.

All these blended characteristics come together for a cultural alloy that is better seen than read.

(Photo Courtesy via GLORY Sports International)
(Photo Courtesy via GLORY Sports International)

1: Peter Aerts Retirement Fight

Saturday will mark the end of one of the most decorated careers in all of kickboxing as Peter Aerts will take on Rico Verhoeven in a fight that may symbolize a passing of the guard, regardless of the outcome.

Aerts bout with Verhoeven will mark his 137th professional bout over a span of 25 years opposite the best in the world.

In GLORY, Aerts is 1-1 and surely wouldn’t mind ending on a positive note.

In pre-fight interviews, Aerts has stated that he wants to go out and make a memorable final fight for his fans and against Verhoeven, he won’t have to look far. Those who tuned in to watch Aerts take on Jamal Ben Saddik saw a fighter who seemed to be on the ropes come back and steal a victory out from under a younger opponent.

This fight will be a must-watch for combat sports fans and one surely worthy of Aerts legacy.

(Photo Courtesy via LiverKick.com)
(Photo Courtesy via LiverKick.com)