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Did Chael Sonnen Have Colon Surgery The Day Before He Fought Rashad Evans?

Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Many were surprised at how easily former light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans (19-3-1) was able to dismantle Chael Sonnen (28-14-1) at UFC 167. Since then, a wave of rumors have been circulating that the “American Gangster” wasn’t completely himself before the fight.

Recently, TSN released reports indicating that Sonnen had several inches of his colon removed during surgery less than twenty-four hours before he stepped into the octagon to face Evans. That means he would have undergone anesthesia less than a day before the fight which would have severely weakened him and made him drowsy. Since the release of these reports, the thirty-six year old hasn’t been too happy about his private medical information being given to the media.

“My personal medical business is just that, personal,” he said angrily to FOX Sports. “I’m furious that they were given this information.”

Although Sonnen is clearly angry that his medical situation was made public, he hasn’t denied that the reports are true. According to Deadspin, executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission Keith Kizer confirmed that he spoke to the UFC, and they said that Sonnen did not have any surgery done prior to his match against Evans.

So either Sonnen just had a a bad night, or he’s one of the toughest guys in the sport.