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3 Healthy & Natural Alternatives To Popular Energy Drinks

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Georges St-Pierre touts the benefits of  NOS Energy Drinks, a subsidiary of Coca-Cola, but many medical professionals believe energy drinks aren’t as healthy as they claim to be.

Energy drinks are everywhere, usually showcased in prominent positions in grocery and convenience stores. But common sense will tell you that anything you consume that jumps your heart rate up that dramatically and that quickly probably has some negative side effects.

Here’s the lowdown on energy drinks: They increase energy, boost alertness, and rouse you up for a good hour after you drink them. The more you drink, the faster and more aware you get. And you also have to pee a lot. But after those great effects, a lot of people crash, get sleepy and possibly even moody.

It’s sort of the accepted up-and-down lifestyle that comes with slamming energy drinks. Over time though, medical experts say that cycle wears on the heart, organs, and the teeth (from all that sugar).

Instead, try some of these healthy and natural energy boosters, as recommended by many health, fitness and medical professionals.

Photo courtesy med-health-net
Photo courtesy med-health-net

1. Beet Juice

Beet juice can have a very positive effect on the body during exercise, according to WebMD. Six days of beet juice enhanced overall physical performance and heart functioning during exercise, according to the 2009 study. Researchers also found nitrates in beet juice  enabled people to exercise up to 16 percent longer because of nitrates’ ability to reduce oxygen uptake, making exercise less tiring, according to WebMd.

Additionally, just cup of beet juice a day can help heal anemia, liver, skin, kidneys, lymphatic circulation, tiredness, eye, liver and skin problems, according to the bestofrawfood.com.

Photo courtesy fitnessandhealthadvisor.com
Photo courtesy fitnessandhealthadvisor.com

2. Green Juices And Teas

Kale, parsley and spinach are high in Vitamin B, which helps fuel metabolism. According to entrepreneur.com, a high metabolism rate allows people to produce energy at a higher rate.

Green tea also has big benefits. It has a small amount of caffeine for an energy boost, but like energy drinks also increases mental alertness and clarity.

Photo courtesy morethanpaleo.com
Photo courtesy morethanpaleo.com

3. Water

It may be obvious but it’s also far too often over looked.  This simple yet healthy, natural and readily available option is one you should always consider. Water helps sustain mental and physical alertness throughout the day and guards against the wicked highs and lows that come from the overconsumption of energy drinks.

According to the Mayo Clinic, water  is the body’s principal chemical component and makes up 60 percent of our body weight. The body depends on water to function properly. Lack of water, according to the Mayo Clinic, can lead to dehydration. Even mild dehydration can zap energy and make people feel tired.