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$5 PPV Price Hike for UFC Event Will Only Be a One-Time Deal


The broke can rest easy.

With the recent announcement that the pay-per-view price for UFC 168 will be increased by $5, many UFC fans speculated that this latest bump in costs might be a permanent one.

Those fans can now take a deep breathe and relax. According to FanSided, UFC President Dana White announced at a post-fight media scrum following UFC on FOX 9 that the $5 increase for UFC 167 is a one-time deal.

“It’s five bucks,” White said. “Get a couple more friends and have them come over. It’s just for that fight. Some guys got together in the office and decided to do that.”

White explained that the reason for the $5 bump was the stacked fight card, which includes two historic title fights between Anderson Silva (33-5) and Chris Weidman (10-0), and Ronda Rousey (7-0) and Miesha Tate (13-4). It’s also expected to be one of the most popular events in UFC history. So it makes financial sense for the UFC to jack up the price just enough to where they don’t lose customers and can still make some extra profits.

UFC 168 takes place on December 28th at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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