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Ringworm: What It Is and How You Can Avoid It

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Fighters are scared of very little. They get punched in the face, kicked in the legs, choked on a daily basis… it’s a pretty tough community of people.

There is not a lot that you can say to make a fighter cringe. However, one word usually does the trick… ringworm.

Ringworm and other skin infections cause anxiety among fighters because it is one medical contention that not only can take one fighter out, but an entire team.

So why do gyms still get ring worm and other skin infections with cleaning the mats and having antibacterial soap on hand? That may be the problem right there. Antibacterial soaps and sanitizers strip your skin of all bacteria in which it needs to protect itself, and additionally, most skin infections like ringworm are a fungus. So when cleaning the mats not only are antibacterial cleaning products needed, but antifungal ones as well.

Since the incubation of the fungus is between 1-2 weeks, it is important to stay diligent about cleaning mats and gear daily.

Fungal spores can live on items such as Gi’s and rash guards, so it is important to always wash these items after training. Ringworm can spread through a gym very quickly, and if a fighter has ringworm they will not be allowed to compete. Thus. diligence is important for fighters, coaches and gym owners. Just covering the infections does not stop it from spreading.

This article by no means delves into the abyss that is skin infections. Please educate yourself if you feel like you may have ringworm or someone in your gym has recently been infected. Some online resources include: WebMd.com, Mayoclinic.com, ringwormsinhumans.com, and defensesoap.com.

One company mentioned on the education, prevention and treatment of ringworm is Defense Soap. Defense soap is a wrestler run company, and the only soap that is produced in a FDA facility for fighters and wrestlers. The have done clinical studies and research to produce their product. Guy Sako the owner and CEO has made it his life and passion to produce a product that he believes will help the eradication of these outbreaks after his whole team of wrestlers contracted ringworm. He stated, “educating yourself is just as important as what product you use”.

We at SciFighting decided to do our own review of his products to see how they stand up. Keep your eye out for the follow up review on Defense Soap by the fighters and wrestlers that use them.