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Cody Mckenzie Fought with Tags Still on His Shorts, Dana White Calls it ‘Embarrassing’


UFC lightweight Cody McKenzie (14-4) is a funny guy… depending on your sense of humor.

In his most recent fight against Sam Stout (20-9-1) at UFC on Fox 9, McKenzie appeared to be wearing basketball shorts. To make matters even more strange, the price tags were still attached.

UFC President Dana White explained at the post-fight press conference that they usually have someone who checks the fighter’s attire for appropriateness before coming out into the octagon. Apparently, they must have missed something this time.

“So, it’s pretty embarrassing,” White said.

Mckenzie’s camp said they left his mixed martial arts attire at his hotel room and they didn’t have time to retrieve it. Hence the reason he was wearing newly acquired basketball shorts at a professional MMA fight. In the middle of the bout, referee Herb Dean realized that there were price tags dangling from McKenzie’s shorts. He tore them off and let the bout continue.

White seemed much more upset at the UFC staff in charge of checking attire than he did at McKenzie:

“Cody McKenzie’s a strange dude. But it’s not Cody’s fault that that happened tonight. That’s the UFC’s fault.”

Either way, whoever gets blamed, watching a professional fighter compete in the world’s largest MMA promotion wearing basketball shorts with price tags dangling from them is a very humorous sight.