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In-Depth Analysis: Demetrious Johnson Knockout at UFC on FOX 9

Demetrious Johnson vs. Joseph Benavidez

Photo Courtesy of UFC

At UFC on FOX 9, Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson showed exactly why he’s a champion. Two-minutes and eight-seconds into the bout, he scored his first knockout during his tenure at WEC and UFC. It was as beautiful as it was scientific.

Let’s look at the finish: 

View 1:

1. Mighty Mouse reaches to cover Benavidez’s right hand and control it.

2. Mighty Mouse leverages Benadvidez’s forearm.

3. Benavidez realizes a dominant position has been taken and sees a right hand coming, and he reaches to cover it.

4. Benavidez tries to throw a left hook but is out of position to throw it, and eats a huge right hand.

View 2- Footwork and More Setup:

1. Mighty Mouse is on the offensive, Benavidez raises the front leg for a push kick (most likely).

2. Seeing the kick coming, Mighty Mouse shifts back and Benavidez no longer has the range even though he shifted forward, and consequently steps down.

3. Mighty Mouses capitalizes on the slight off-balance created when Benavidez steps down, and goes forward to slightly pull on Benavidez right forearm—using it to leverage shifting himself in.

4. Mighty Mouse shifts in to establish a very dominant angle in a southpaw vs. orthodox stance position: stepping to the out side of the opponent’s lead leg with his lead leg.

5. Mighty Mouse puts the right hand into an easy target created by the dominant positioning. Benavidez attempts a left hook but does not have the correct distance, and consequently multiplies the power of the punch of Mighty Mouse while having no choice but to take it.

6. Benvidez goes down.


Unlike what some may believe, punching power isn’t just born. A knockout is created by power, scientific technique, and timing. All of these variables can be trained, though some athletes may be more predisposed to developing it.

Nonetheless, what’s seen here is all of the above, and Demetrious Johnson was most likely not born with much of what was displayed here. Johnson’s knockout is a new record for the fastest in the UFC flyweight division. It’s no surprise that the knockout was created through techniques and strategy that have plenty of historical precedent in the art of combat. Johnson vs. Benavidez II is indeed yet another example that “punching power” can be made.

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