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GSP Loses Legal Battle with Ex-Manager


Georges St-Pierre made the official announcement that he will be vacating his UFC Welterweight title and stepping away from MMA indefinitely.

The rumors of babies, family illness, personal health and lawsuits have been flooding across media outlets since his earlier statement post UFC 167, regarding his need for time off from the sport.

While all other suspicions seem to be ruled out, the Clark County, Nevada District Court records verify that GSP has been undergoing some legal trouble with his ex-manager Shari Spencer. The two parted ways in 2010. Spencer is also the former manager of UFC Featherweight Frankie Edgar.

Spencer has denied via social media, that she is not part of the champion’s “personal problems,” that he referenced after his recent victory over Johny Hendricks last month.

Though the tension of his legal battles may be adding to whatever is going on in GSP’s life, the fact is that both suits filed by Spencer are no longer active litigation, so the burden of an impending trial is off the list of stresses.

Last year ago Spencer filed claim for “intentional misconduct” against current manager Rodolphe Beulieu, trainers John Danaher and Firas Zahabi along with Phillippe Lepage who is a partner in the sports management firm LB3i Sports along with Beulieu. The suit was in regards to contract rights and was voluntarily dismissed. GSP was not named in this suit.

The bigger issue was the lawsuit filled earlier this year in April for proceeds Spencer claimed she was entitled to from endorsement deals that were obtained during her time as manager. Some of the bigger names include Gatorade, Under Armour and Mission Skincare. The Nevada Court apparently agreed with her, granting an award during arbitration.

During the August hearing, according to court records in Clark County, Nevada, Spencer’s legal council moved to have GSP held in contempt for lack of payment.

“Court FINDS Defendants Georges St-Pierre, GSP Holdings LP, and GSP Holdings LLC in contempt for not providing the quarterly payment and ORDERED, Plaintiffs’ Motion for Order to Show Cause to Hold Defendants in Contempt GRANTED CONDITIONALLY; enforcement of any contempt order will be held in abeyance until the status check set November 13, 2013 9:00 am.”

This status check was ordered to take place three days before GSP’s bout at UCF 167, and it appears by the language in the court proceeding minutes, that the payment was made.

“Colloquy (discussion) regarding issue with mission skincare warrants and those issues being resolved, accountings having been made, payments having been made, and not needing the Court’s assistance at this time for compliance.”

The public records made available by the Clark County Courthouse do not indicate the amount of the arbitration award though it is rumored to be in excess of $737K with several other continual payments.

It is unlikely that the littigation and remaining payments will serve as any real financial burden. GSP is one of the top paid athletes in the sport.

UFC President Dana White made the commented during the recent media call after St. Pierre made his announcement to vacate the tite, “I cannot express to you enough how bad Georges St-Pierre does not need money. He could walk away forever.”