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UFC ON FOX 9: Mac Danzig vs. Joe Lauzon

(Lauzon vs. Danzig, photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

Mac Danzig vs. Joe Lauzon opens the UFC on FOX show. Both fighters are coming off back-to-back losses in the UFC and need big wins to ensure a UFC career in 2014.

Round 1:  Lauzon took Danzig down less than a minute into the fight.  Lauzon quickly got him into a full mount and then rolled him into an armbar, but Danzig slipped out and came up on top of Lauzon. Lauzon worked for an armbar before he scrambled back to his feet, where a stand-up battle ensued. Lauzon took him down again with about 35 seconds left in the first round, but fell into Danzig’s guard and couldn’t do anything with the top position.

Round 2: The two fighters kept the fight in the standup. Lauzon tried to do damage with his Muay Thai clench, but Danzig effectively tied him up. Lauzon with a little more than two minutes left in the round took Danzig down after a couple of knees to the stomach.  Lauzon has him in a full mount and Danzig is now bleeding from Lauzon’s ground and pound elbows. Lauzon just hammered Danzig’s face with elbows and punches before the round ended.

Round 3: Knowing he’s probably down two rounds to zero, Danzig came out throwing hard punches. Danzig was landing until an inadvertent headbutt temporarily stopped the action. Danzig was back quickly throwing haymakers. Lauzon didn’t defend them, but seemed content to stand with the former Ultimate Fighter winner. With a little more than three minutes left in the round, Lauzon went back to what brought him to the dance — a takedown.  This time, however, Lauzon passed guard and laid into Danzig again with the kind of elbows that would bring down a silverback gorilla.  Danzig looks pretty helpless underneath Lauzon, who gave up his top position for a failed armbar attempt, with about one minute left in the round. The round ended with Lauzon on top and Danzig’s face a bloody crimson mask.

Lauzon won by unanimous decision, with all three judges scoring the fight 30-27 for Lauzon.