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UFC on FOX 9 Press Conference Highlights: TUF 20, Female Fans, Sponsors, and More

(Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

UFC on FOX 9 sported one of the more memorable press conferences as of late with a stacked dais and three members of the Team Alpha Male camp, a camp known for the jubilant personalities of its members.

Eight fighters in all represented the card on the panel with Dana White moderating as usual.

UFC on FOX 9 takes place on Dec. 14 at the Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento, California. It is headlined by a flyweight title fight between Demetrious Johnson (18-2-1) and Josep Benavidez (19-3).

Dana White:

  • People keep asking me whose gonna coach, we don’t start filming that thing until May. [On TUF 20 featuring women’s straw weight division]
  • The relationship with FOX couldn’t be better. There has been no bad. The best thing with working with these guys is that I truly believe that they are trying to build MMA.
  • When we brought this division in, nobody knew who he [D. Johnson] was. Now he’s fighting on FOX. [On relationship with FOX and Johnson headlining 3/9 shows]
  • About 46% of our fan base now is female. There are situations now when I meet people who say “my wife got me in to the UFC”. (on female demographic in UFC)

Demetrious Johnson:

  • Doesn’t really matter, I’m expecting boos but it’s just another fight. [on hometown disadvantage].
  • I still train the same. I think this fights gonna be a bit different. I feel sharp so well see what happens. [On differences in training since becoming champion]

Joseph Benavidez:

  • I’m leaving more of watching and studying it [first fight with D. Johnson] to my coaches. I watched it once, thought I went out there and felt that I wanted it so bad and tried to hard. I thought it was a great fight and I’m looking forward to putting on another one.
  • It’s a brand new fight for me. [Comparison to first fight]
  • I always feel like I have to finish the fight. I’m gonna hang it all out there. At these levels youre fighting the best in the world.

Urijah Faber:

  • 34 [years old] in my book isn’t old at all. I guess at 22 [years old] it is [McDonald’s age]. I’m just starting to get my man strength. (On ‘changing of the guard’)
  • It’s been hungry in the gym, everyone’s starving. [On 4 members from TAM on this card]
  • I think I’ve done the same this camp that I have every time I fight in Sacramento. I’m not a superstitious guy. I’m just excited to fight a dangerous opponent in front of folks who will be screaming for me.

Michael McDonald:

  • I think we both have those strengths and I think we’re going to implement those strengths at different times.

Nik Lentz:

  • I don’t care what the odds say, I’m gonna win. I’ve never been in better shape, I’ve never been more confident and I can’t wait for Saturday. [On betting underdog]
  • I came here to make a statement. With my dress [outfit] with my fight. It’s about dame time I got some attention. If Chad [Mendes] thinks he’s gonna knock me out he’s sadly mistaken.

Chad Mendes:

  • I gotta be honest, I don’t like the guy. His demeanor, the way he thinks he’s gonna run through me. I just don’t think he’s fought anyone of my caliber, he has a big head on his shoulders, he talks a lot. He’s gonna fight someone who’s a true contender. [On Lentz’ confidence]
  • I’m hoping that I go out there and put on a great statement, put on a show.

Mac Danzig:

  • I’m really happy our fight got bumped up to the main card. I think if you asked him [Lauzon] I think he would say the same thing. Just fighting in the UFC alone, it doesn’t really matter, it’s just about the fight itself. I’m very appreciative that more people are gonna see it.
  • I’m not having any sponsors. I’m tired of being a billboard for some of these companies who don’t have a vested interest. They’re looking to slap a logo on your butt and send you on your way.

Joe Lauzon:

  • Contrary to popular belief I don’t try to get Fight of the Night, ever. I go out their and I try to finish people quick. I’m not getting caught up in the bonus money.
  • Everything feels good, I’m very thankful to be fighting away from home.  [On distractions from UFC on FS1: Sonnen vs. Shogun Training Camp]