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Will Georges St-Pierre Announce His Future Plans at the End of the Week?


Following his controversial split decision victory over Johny Hendricks at UFC 167, Georges St-Pierre shocked mixed martial arts fans across the world when he tentatively announced his retirement in a post-fight interview with Joe Rogan.

After a nearly twelve year career and a five and a half year title reign, St-Pierre cited personal issues as his reason for needing a break. However, he chose not to disclose what those issues were. As a result, a slew of wild speculations circulated as to what was making the champ so worried.

TMZ reported that his father was dying, and he had accidentally impregnated a woman who refused to get an abortion. Other rumors indicated he was being sued by his ex-manager. St-Pierre, himself,  has not verified any of these rumors.

Many in the MMA community have been waiting anxiously to see what the champ plans on doing from this point forward, but no one seems more anxious than UFC President Dana White, who scolded St-Pierre publicly after he announced his intentions to retire.  While recent reports have claimed he’ll be holding a press conference this Friday at his training gym, TriStar, to announce the future plans of his career, some pundits are still not convinced.

In a recent video, Dana White revealed doesn’t believe the fighter will be revealing anything of note this week.  Alluding instead that this ‘press conference’ will be nothing more than a routine autograph signing session.

Hit the video below to see what the UFC President had to say: